PowerForce® is the right choice for generator and engine power packages. We have the experience to design and package generator sets and power units to our customers exact specifications. Our experience in supplying prime power to market sectors such as oil and gas drilling has enabled us to offer a customized packages to meet our customers specific application.

  • Diesel and gas fueled
  • Customized bases for specific markets
  • Controls designed and manufactured by PowerForce®
  • Exhaust systems designed for prime power, rugged applications
  • Air-intake system arrangements
  • Alternators for specific applications, such as high starting kVA
  • Cooling system to meet customer's application

Our geographic location to one of the largest drilling operations in North America has enabled us to design and provide for prime power applications a package that meets the rugged heavy duty needs of the oil and gas drilling industry. Our in-house engineering design capabilities ensure we can design and engineer a custom package for our clients.

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